Are you struggling with significant relationships at home or at work?
Have you experienced a major loss in your life?
Are you having difficulty with a major decision at work or in your personal life?
Has your health been threatened with chronic or terminal illness?

If any of these questions resonate with your past or current life situation, I would like to offer you some resources. I emphasize a client-centered, holistic approach in my work based on my understanding that mind, body, and spirit are delicately interconnected. I believe humans have an innate capacity to heal and that we can heal even as we are dying. I see my clients as the experts, while I create a compassionate container for transformation and change. Knowing this transformation may take a brief or an extended period of time, I will work with you for whatever time you need.


Washington Building
2228 Mechanic
Suite 306
Galveston, TX 77550
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Monday thru Thursday: 9am – 5pm

Evening appointments are also available.

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I accept most behavioral health insurance programs; check with your provider.
I accept major credit cards for insurance co-pay and self-pay.

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