Education Consultation

· Innovations in Online Education

I’m what would be classified as an “early adapter” of technology and incorporated Second Life® into online classes. Second Life (SL) is a virtual world that has been successfully used in educational settings. In this free internet program developed by Linden Lab, students and faculty develop avatars that meet in a virtual setting for seminar and instruction. My first venture into Second Life® was to offer an optional seminar. Although the seminar was optional, all the students in the course enthusiastically attended. They were curious and engaged with the technology. In 2011, I developed a Behavioral and Mental Health course for graduate students where I introduced basic concepts of Motivational Interviewing (MI) in Second Life® .

· International Education

In 2005 I was chosen for a Fulbright Fellowship. I was assigned to teach at two schools of nursing-The University of Pécs, in the city of Pécs in southern Hungary and at Semmelweis University in Budapest. I spent about 2 ½ months at each. I’m interested in sharing my Palliative Care and End of Life modules.

· Consultation in Course Development

Service Learning
The opportunity to use service learning with our undergraduate nursing students provided an important educational activity in our post-Ike community. I published the following articles in the local newspaper highlighting how nursing and nursing students can contribute to community service and support community healing and recovery. I feel it’s important to highlight the many ways nurses are active in our community and at the same time model and mentor students about service. The first activity was a needs assessment and the second activity was a health fair with an interprofessional group of students and faculty. Please see the links below which exemplify service learning with baccalaureate students in the community:
Sandor, M. K. (2010, July). Nursing students assist parish. Galveston County Daily News.
Sandor, M. K. (2010, October). UTMB nursing students bring health fair to Holy Family. Galveston County Daily News.

Behavioral and Mental Health
My background as a licensed professional counselor offers a unique perspective to teach behavioral and mental health topics including historical perspectives of mental health, conceptual models, therapeutic communication, mental health assessment, as well as topics of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia/psychotic disorders, organic disorders, and childhood and adolescent disorders. I can also share basic strategies for behavioral change using Motivational Interviewing.

Suffering: Cultural and Spiritual Perspectives
My background as a Benedictine Oblate and bereavement counselor serves to prepare me to teach the historical and cultural views of suffering. I can assist participants/students to map suffering and explore personal encounters with suffering. Together, we will explore the language and vision of suffering with poetry, music, prayers, film, and music. Finally we will explore finding meaning and hope in the midst of suffering.

Community Health
I have taught community/public health nursing content and public health principles to advance practice nurses for over 10 years. My focus is on the acquisition of knowledge and skills in the areas of community assessment and program planning, implementation, and evaluation and their application for health promotion/disease prevention at the community level.

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